Your Ultimate Tool in Organizing Seats and Booths with Ease!

Key Features

Your ultimate event
seating chart solution.

Designed for ticketing technology firms and venue proprietors. We simplify the process of implementing reserved seating for your convenience.

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Design Seating Chart

Design your own venue seating floor plan

Fully customizable venue floor plan designer for seats and booth ticketing – right from you browser!
No coding Required.

Tools for precise floor plan designing

The emerging market trend in floor plan creation.
Easy to use. User-friendly tools that make for an enjoyable experience.

Define rows of bookable seats which
can be labeled in bulk.

Freely select one or multiple objects to move them
or change their attributes altogether.

Add, move and remove nodes from polygon
shaped objects like Sections and GAs.

Define sections in the venue that can contain
rows, tables, booths and general admissions.

Rectangular or circular tables, with either bookable
seats or wholly bookable tables.

Define bookable booths or cabins with adjustable sizing.

Lay down text with adjustable size and color.

Draw various shapes with labels and icons, to represent relevant
points of the venue.

Organize Insights

Real-time updates on your
ticket buying system

View insights on seats and booths availability.


Outstanding ticket buying experience

Tailor your event by granting attendees the flexibility to select their preferred seats or booths.

Let people choose their seats

Reserved seating promotes early ticket purchase and by larger groups. Generate more revenue while delivering a better attendee experience.

Get started today!

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